Enhancement of the RAD51 Recombinase Activity by the Tumor Suppressor PALB2

  title={Enhancement of the RAD51 Recombinase Activity by the Tumor Suppressor PALB2},
  author={Elo{\"i}se Dray and Julia Etchin and Claudia Wiese and Dorina Saro and Gareth J Williams and Michal Hammel and Xiong Wen Yu and Vitold E Galkin and Dongqing Liu and Miaw-sheue Tsai and Shirley M. H. Sy and David Schild and Edward H. Egelman and Junjie Chen and Patrick Sung},
  booktitle={Nature Structural &Molecular Biology},
Homologous recombination mediated by RAD51 recombinase helps eliminate chromosomal lesions, such as DNA double-strand breaks induced by radiation or arising from injured DNA replication forks. The tumor suppressors BRCA2 and PALB2 act together to deliver RAD51 to chromosomal lesions to initiate repair. Here we document a new function of PALB2: to enhance RAD51's ability to form the D loop. We show that PALB2 binds DNA and physically interacts with RAD51. Notably, although PALB2 alone stimulates… CONTINUE READING
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