Enhancement of repair replication in mammalian cells by hydroxyurea.

  title={Enhancement of repair replication in mammalian cells by hydroxyurea.},
  author={John M. Clarkson},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={52 2},
The effect of hydroxyurea on DNA repair replication has been studied in Chinese hamster ovary cells. Mitotic cells were treated with UV irradiation, methyl methanesulfonate or nitrogen mustard and incuated in the presence of each of the 4 [3H] deoxyribonucleosides plus BrdUrd and FdUrd for 2 h. The amount of repair replication was quantitated on CsCl gradients and similar values were obtained for each nucleoside. In all cases addition of HU during the incubation period increased these values… CONTINUE READING

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