Enhancement of noisy signals by stochastic resonance

  title={Enhancement of noisy signals by stochastic resonance},
  author={Zonghua Liua and Ying-Cheng Laia and Arje Nachmanc},
  • Zonghua Liua, Ying-Cheng Laia, Arje Nachmanc
  • Published 2002
We propose a scheme to detect signals immersed in strong, externally imposed, undesirable noise (jamming) by making use of the principle of stochastic resonance. The idea is to construct an arr y of simple nonlinear oscillators and to apply independent, modulating noise to each oscillator. We argue and provide evidence that the phenomenon of stochastic resonance, which is due to the interplay between nonlinearity and different noise sources, can enhance the detectability of the original signal… CONTINUE READING


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