Enhancement of lymphokine-activated killer cell activity by fibronectin.

  title={Enhancement of lymphokine-activated killer cell activity by fibronectin.},
  author={Yan Qiang Li and Motomasa Kobayashi and Yasuhiro Kuramitsu and Lingwen Yuan and Kazuhiro Matsushita and Hideo Yagita and Kyouko Okumura and Masanori Hosokawa},
  journal={Journal of immunotherapy},
  volume={20 2},
In this study, we demonstrated that immobilized fibronectin (FN) enhanced lymphokine-activated killer cell (LAK) activity, and that the enhanced LAK activity was completely abrogated by an anti-VLA-5 monoclonal antibody and RGD peptide. Fresh spleen cells expressed VLA-4, VLA-6, and vitronectin receptor, whereas VLA-5 was expressed only on the spleen cells activated with interleukin-2. LAK cells showed increased adhesion to immobilized FN compared with that to control bovine serum albumin, and… CONTINUE READING