Enhancement of extreme events through the Allee effect and its mitigation through noise in a three species system

  title={Enhancement of extreme events through the Allee effect and its mitigation through noise in a three species system},
  author={Deeptajyoti Sen and Sudeshna Sinha},
  journal={Scientific Reports},
  • Deeptajyoti Sen, Sudeshna Sinha
  • Published 13 September 2021
  • Biology, Physics, Medicine
  • Scientific Reports
We consider the dynamics of a three-species system incorporating the Allee Effect, focussing on its influence on the emergence of extreme events in the system. First we find that under Allee effect the regular periodic dynamics changes to chaotic. Further, we find that the system exhibits unbounded growth in the vegetation population after a critical value of the Allee parameter. The most significant finding is the observation of a critical Allee parameter beyond which the probability of… Expand
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Influence of Allee Effect on Extreme Events in Coupled Three Species Systems
Noise suppresses the unbounded vegetation growth that was induced by a combination of Allee effect and coupling, and it is demonstrated that noise mitigates extreme events in all three populations, and beyond a noise level the system does not observe any extreme events at all. Expand


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