Enhancement of QoS differentiation over IEEE 802.11 WLAN

  title={Enhancement of QoS differentiation over IEEE 802.11 WLAN},
  author={Liqiang Zhao and Changxin Fan},
  journal={IEEE Communications Letters},
IQD, a distributed coordination function (DCF) with integrated quality of service (QoS) differentiation, is proposed in this letter to enhance QoS over IEEE 802.11 WLAN. DCF does not support any QoS differentiation. Enhanced DCF (EDCF) only supports delay differentiation. IQD can achieve both delay and packet-loss-rate differentiation by differentiating the initial window size and the retry limit. Simulation results show that IQD performs better than DCF and EDCF in enhancing QoS, and the… CONTINUE READING
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