Enhancement of Noisy Planar Nuclear Medicine Images using Mean Field Annealing

  title={Enhancement of Noisy Planar Nuclear Medicine Images using Mean Field Annealing},
  author={D. L. Falk and David M. Rubin and T. Marwala},
Nuclear medicine (NM) images inherently suffer from large amounts of noise and blur. The purpose of this research is to reduce the noise and blur while maintaining image integrity for improved diagnosis. The proposed solution is to increase image quality after the standard pre- and post-processing undertaken by a gamma camera system. 
Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization for Qualitative Enhancement of Myocardial Perfusion Images
This paper establishes an efficient color space for the contrast enhancement of myocardial perfusion images. The effects of histogram equalization and contrast limited adaptive histogram equalizationExpand
An Adaptive Neighbourhood Structuring Element Based Enhancement Technique for Nuclear Images
Qualitative and quantitative evaluations prove the effective performance of the proposed algorithm in enhancing cardiac SPECT images making use of morphology in a suitable color space. Expand


Edge detection in gated cardiac nuclear medicine images
Mean field annealing using a piecewise linear model was applied to gated cardiac nuclear medicine images as a preprocessing tool for image smoothing and noise reduction to find a minimum cost boundary. Expand
New Applications Of Mean Field Annealing To The Restoration Of Medical Images
  • Y. Han, W. Snyder
  • Engineering
  • Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Volume 13: 1991
  • 1991
This paper presents some new applications of Mean Field Annealing (MFA). a technique which usually finds global minima in nonconvex optimization problems. to the restoration of nuclear medicine andExpand
Quantitative angiography using mean field annealing
The vessels in the cineangiogram are degraded by the nonuniform point spread function (PSF) and nonstationary noise from the imaging system. The authors present a new method for vessel sizeExpand
Segmentation of magnetic resonance images using mean field annealing
The problem of segmentation of Magnetic Resonance images into regions of uniform tissue density is posed as an optimization problem and the resulting minimization problem is solved using Mean Field Annealing, a new technique which usually finds global minima in non-convex optimization problems, and performs particularly well on images. Expand
Improving the resolution of infrared images of the breast
An algorithm is described which performs a 2:1 zoom on a infrared image of the breast. The method takes into account processes of blur, noise, and image correlations, to make an optimal estimate ofExpand
MAP transmission image reconstruction via mean field annealing for segmented attenuation correction of PET imaging
  • C. Wang, W. Snyder
  • Physics
  • Proceedings of 17th International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
  • 1995
In PET studies, accurate attenuation correction is crucial in quantitative studies. We propose to use a MAP reconstruction algorithm based on a mean field annealing technique to reconstruct theExpand
Estimation of Noise in Images: An Evaluation
  • S. Olsen
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • CVGIP Graph. Model. Image Process.
  • 1993
Six methods for estimating the standard deviation of white additive noise in images are surveyed and evaluated experimentally and the results show that on average, the most reliable estimate is obtained by prefiltering the image to suppress the image structure and then computing the standard deviations from the filtered data. Expand
Restoration of piecewise constant images by mean-field annealing
An algorithm is described that removes the noise from images without causing blurring or other distortions of edges, using a new minimization strategy called mean-field annealing (MFA). Expand
Using mean field annealing to solve anisotropic diffusion problems
  • H. Qi, W. Snyder, G. Bilbro
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Proceedings of International Conference on Image Processing
  • 1997
It is shown that MFA is versatile enough to be used for image feature extraction as well, and the two major problems in anisotropic diffusion can be solved by few modifications of the MFA equation. Expand
Increasing the effective resolution of thermal infrared images.
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A maximum a posteriori probability (MAP) image restoration philosophy is proposed to solve the problem of resolution in thermal infrared imaging. Expand