Enhancement of MHC class I binding and immunogenic properties of the CTL epitope peptides derived from dengue virus NS3 protein by anchor residue replacement

  • Hideyuki Masakia, Yoshiki Fujiic, Kiyohiro Irimajirib, Takanori T. Tomuraa, Ichiro Kuranec
  • Published 2010


The immunogenecity of the defined H-2Kd-restricted, murine cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) epitopes of dengue viruses were examined for CTL induction in epitope peptide / H-2Kd tetramer assays. The peptides used in the study included those corresponding to amino acid (a.a.) residues 298-306 (GYISTRVEM) of NS3 of dengue virus types 2 and 4 (named DENV-2/4), and… (More)


3 Figures and Tables

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