Enhancement mode n-MOSFET with high-κ dielectric on GaAs substrate

  title={Enhancement mode n-MOSFET with high-κ dielectric on GaAs substrate},
  author={Karthik Rajagopalan and Peter Zurcher and J. Abrokwah and Ravi Droopad and D. A. J. Moran and R. J.W. Hill and Xueai Li and H. Zhou and D. Mclntyre and Stephen Thoms and I. G. Thayne and Matthias Passlack},
  journal={2007 65th Annual Device Research Conference},
In this paper, we report MOS heterostructures grown by molecular beam epitaxy on III-V substrates, employing a high-κ dielectric stack comprised of gallium oxide and gadolinium gallium oxide. Mobilities exceeding 12,000 and 6,000 cm2/Vs, for sheet carrier concentration ns of about 2.5x1012 cm-2 were measured on MOSFET structures on InP and GaAs substrates, respectively. These structures were designed for enhancement mode operation and include a 10 nm thick strained InGa1-xAs channel layer with… CONTINUE READING