Enhancement Data Integrity Checking Using Combination MD5 and SHA1 Algorithm in Hadoop Architecture

  title={Enhancement Data Integrity Checking Using Combination MD5 and SHA1 Algorithm in Hadoop Architecture},
  author={Y. B. Idris and Saiful Adli Ismail and N. F. Azmi and Azri Azmi and A. Azizan},
The use of Big Data in decision-making is critical, in line with the growing size of data storage, either online or offline. However, there are only a few software applications that are capable to process large-capacity data such as Hadoop. Hadoop is open-source software for Big Data processing including several components joined together where one of its main components is Hadoop User Experience (Hue). Hue is being used to upload the data into Hadoop databases using Graphical User Interface… Expand
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Forensic Based Cloud Computing Architecture – Exploration and Implementation
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  • Computer Science
  • 2019 3rd International Conference on Computing and Communications Technologies (ICCCT)
  • 2019
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Penerapan Hashing SHA1 dan Algoritma Asimetris RSA untuk Keamanan Data pada Sistem Informasi berbasis Web
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  • Computer Science
  • Microprocess. Microsystems
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