Enhanced visual processing contributes to matrix reasoning in autism.

  title={Enhanced visual processing contributes to matrix reasoning in autism.},
  author={Isabelle Souli{\`e}res and Michelle Dawson and Fabienne Samson and Elise B. Barbeau and Ch{\'e}rif P Sahyoun and Gary Strangman and Thomas A. Zeffiro and Laurent Mottron},
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Recent behavioral investigations have revealed that autistics perform more proficiently on Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices (RSPM) than would be predicted by their Wechsler intelligence scores. A widely-used test of fluid reasoning and intelligence, the RSPM assays abilities to flexibly infer rules, manage goal hierarchies, and perform high-level abstractions. The neural substrates for these abilities are known to encompass a large frontoparietal network, with different processing models… CONTINUE READING