Enhanced thermal avoidance in mice lacking the ATP receptor P2X3.

  title={Enhanced thermal avoidance in mice lacking the ATP receptor P2X3.},
  author={Isao Shimizu and Tohko Iida and Yun Guan and Chengshui Zhao and Srinivasa N Raja and Michael F. Jarvis and Debra A. Cockayne and Michael J. Caterina},
  volume={116 1-2},
P2X3 is an ATP-gated cation channel subtype expressed by a subpopulation of primary sensory neurons. In vivo spinal cord recordings in mice lacking P2X3 (P2X3-/-) have suggested that this protein may be important for the coding of peripheral warm stimuli. To explore this possibility more thoroughly, we examined behavioral and electrophysiological responses to thermal stimuli in P2X3-/- mice. As previously reported, recording from the spinal cord dorsal horn of anesthetized P2X3-/- mice revealed… CONTINUE READING


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