Enhanced suppression of residual water in a "270" WET sequence.

  title={Enhanced suppression of residual water in a "270" WET sequence.},
  author={Shanmin Zhang and Xu-yan Yang and David G. Gorenstein},
  journal={Journal of magnetic resonance},
  volume={143 2},
In certain water suppression experiments, the residual water, which comes from a region away from the center of the RF coil and experiences a much smaller flip angle than the designed one, may appear. The residual water in the WET sequence can be reduced significantly by using a composite 90(x)( degrees )90(y)( degrees )90(-x)( degrees )90(-y)( degrees ) pulse, which de-excites molecules experiencing a small flip angle. The composite pulse, however, has two null excitation points near on… CONTINUE READING

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