Enhanced platelet reactivity in heartworm-infected dogs.

  title={Enhanced platelet reactivity in heartworm-infected dogs.},
  author={Mary K. Boudreaux and Allen R. Dillon and Joseph Spano},
  journal={American journal of veterinary research},
  volume={50 9},
Platelet number, mean platelet volume, and platelet function were evaluated in 34 clinically normal dogs and 28 heartworm-infected (HWI) dogs. Mean platelet numbers for dogs of the HWI group was not significantly lower than those for dogs of the control group (214,000 vs 254,000 cells/microliter); however, 6 (21%) HWI dogs had platelet numbers less than 150,000/microliter, compared with only 2 (6%) heartworm-negative dogs. The mean platelet volume was not significantly different (7.8 vs 7.7 fl… CONTINUE READING

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