Enhanced performance of optimised partially textured load bearing surfaces

  title={Enhanced performance of optimised partially textured load bearing surfaces},
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Combined Analytical and Experimental Evaluation of Frictional Performance of Lubricated Untextured and Partially Textured Sliders

The study of textured surface performance is one of the highly researched topics in recent times. This is mainly due to the advantages that such surfaces can potentially provide in practice, in

Effects of textured surfaces on the properties of hydrodynamic bearing

Hydrodynamic bearing is becoming an indispensable component of high-accuracy devices such as high-speed machine tools. Recently, the study of textured surface bearing has become one of the highly

Optimal design of surface texture in meso scale air journal bearing

Meso scale air journal bearing has widespread application in miniaturized systems and there is a strong need to improve its tribological performance. Although surface texturing can improve its

Chapter 15 : Surface Texturing for Enhanced Tribological Performance

Along with the pursuit of coatings to enhance tribological performance and development of formulated lubricants with appropriate additive packages, surface texturing techniques have also been

A Design of Partial Textured Surface on Gear Washers for Reducing Friction and Wear under Low Speed and Heavy Load Conditions

Theoretical predictions illustrate that the annular gear washers with partial surface texturing provide lower friction coefficients than bare washers and the weight loss caused by wear is also reduced by the optimized texture design.

An Analytical And Experimental Parametric Study of Texturing In Slider Bearings Under Hydrodynamic/Mixed Lubrication

An analytical approach is advantageous in providing a more generic in-depth understanding of the nature of the relationships among texture parameters. Considering the corresponding variation of film

The effect of liner surface texture on journal bearing performance under thermo-hydrodynamic conditions

The purpose of this paper is to study the effect of liner surface texture on journal bearing performance. Modeling the profile curvature of the dimples or grooves is planned for different cases of

Decision letter for "Numerical and experimental study on the effect of surface texture with roughness orientation considered under a mixed lubrication state"

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effects of surface texture with roughness orientation considered on tribological properties under a mixed lubrication state numerically and

Study of the friction and wear of dimple textured surfaces based on mixed elastohydrodynamic lubrication

In recent years, many study results have indicated that surface texture may have a positive effect on the improvement of the tribology properties of an interface. The novelty of this work is the

Multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing Under the Combined Influence of Texture and Slip

The drive to maintain the environmental sustainability and save the global energy consumption is urgent, making every powertrain system component a candidate to enhance efficiency. In this work, the



Optimised textured surfaces with application in piston ring/cylinder liner contact

The application of textured surfaces in tribology has recently gained a huge momentum. In this chapter, a systematic approach to investigate the maximum outcomes from employing such surfaces is

Optimizing surface texture for hydrodynamic lubricated contacts using a mass-conserving numerical approach

Abstract Surface texturing has been shown to reduce friction and increase the film thickness in various tribological applications (hydrodynamic bearings, mechanical seals, and cylinder—liner

Optimization of Partially Textured Parallel Thrust Bearings with Square-Shaped Micro-Dimples

In this study we attempt to find the optimum geometrical parameters of square-shaped micro-dimples imposed on parallel flat bearing surfaces, which give the best tribological performance, including

A hydrodynamic flow analysis for optimal positioning of surface textures

The current study uses Reynolds equation and the cross-film flow velocity profile to analytically determine pertinent locations for texture feature positioning in sliding hydrodynamic contacts. The

Combined numerical and experimental investigation of the micro-hydrodynamics of chevron-based textured patterns influencing conjunctional friction of sliding contacts

Reciprocating and low-speed sliding contacts can experience increased friction because of solid boundary interactions. Use of surface texturing has been shown to mitigate undue boundary friction and

Performance evolution of fully and partially textured hydrodynamic journal bearings lubricated with two lubricants

This study investigates the evolution of the main bearing performance of partially and fully textured hydrodynamic journal bearing. The viscosity effect is also analysed by the mean of numerical

Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Laser-Textured Mechanical Seal Faces

An analytical model is developed to predict the relation between the opening force and operating conditions in a mechanical seal with laser textured microsurface structure in the form of micropores.