Enhanced neuronal Met signalling levels in ALS mice delay disease onset

  title={Enhanced neuronal Met signalling levels in ALS mice delay disease onset},
  author={Matthieu Genestine and Egidio Caricati and Annalisa Fico and Sylvie Richelme and Hamed Hassani and Claire Sunyach and Fabienne Lamballe and Giancarlo Panzica and Brigitte Pettmann and Françoise Helmbacher and C{\'e}dric Raoul and Flavio Maina and Rosanna Dono},
  booktitle={Cell Death and Disease},
Signalling by receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) coordinates basic cellular processes during development and in adulthood. Whereas aberrant RTK signalling can lead to cancer, reactivation of RTKs is often found following stress or cell damage. This has led to the common belief that RTKs can counteract degenerative processes and so strategies to exploit them for therapy have been extensively explored. An understanding of how RTK stimuli act at cellular levels is needed, however, to evaluate their… CONTINUE READING


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