Enhanced magnetic anisotropy of nickel nanosheet prepared in Na-4 mica

  title={Enhanced magnetic anisotropy of nickel nanosheet prepared in Na-4 mica},
  author={Sreemanta Mitra and Amrita Mandal and Anindya Datta and Souri Banerjee and Dipankar Chakravorty},
  journal={Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials},
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Hydrothermal synthesis of novel Ni microflowers with enhanced ferromagnetic properties

Novel nickel microflowers assembled with many thin nanoplates were synthesised through a simple hydrothermal method using sodium hypophosphite as a green reducing reagent. Sodium tartrate served as a



Magnetodielectric effect in nickel nanosheet-Na-4 mica composites

Nickel nanosheets of thickness 0.6 nm were grown within the nanochannels of Na-4 mica template. The specimens show magnetodielectric effect at room temperature with a change of dielectric constant as

Improved Magnetic Anisotropy of Monodispersed Triangular Nickel Nanoplates

Monodispersed triangular Ni nanoplates were successfully synthesized based on a facile thermal decomposition method. The Ni nanoplates have an average edge length of 15.4 nm, and their thickness is

Multiferroic GaN nanofilms grown within Na-4 mica channels

Gallium nitride nanofilms grown within nanochannels of Na-4 mica structure, exhibit ferromagnetism even at room temperature due to the presence of gallium vacancies at the surfaces of the nanofilms.

Magnetic anisotropy of Ni modified by extreme lattice expansion

Abstract.The induced magnetism of isolated (Cd) adatoms, soft-landed onto ultrathin Ni layers grown pseudo-morphologically on Pd(001) (aPd = 3.8907 Å), was studied using the perturbed angular

Ordered Ni−Cu Nanowire Array with Enhanced Coercivity

A highly ordered composite Ni−Cu nanowire array has been fabricated within the pores of an anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) template by pulsed electrodeposition, and it has been characterized by

Growth of two-dimensional GaN in Na-4 mica nanochannels

Two-dimensional GaN films and ribbons have been synthesized within Na-4 mica nanochannels. The thickness of the films is 0.6 nm as estimated from published x-ray diffraction data of Na-4 mica. Room

Magnetic properties of graphitically encapsulated nickel nanocrystals

Graphitically encapsulated ferromagnetic Ni nanocrystals have been synthesized via a modified tungsten arc-discharge method. By virtue of the protective graphitic coating, these nanocrystals are

Controlled synthesis of triangular and hexagonal Ni nanosheets and their size-dependent properties

A solution phase method has been used to synthesize triangular and hexagonal Ni nanosheets with different edge lengths by controlling the reaction kinetics. This procedure is realized by introducing

Granular Fe in a metallic matrix

Ultrafine Fe particles with coercivities in excess of 500 Oe have been obtained by rapid annealing of sputtered metastable FexCu1−x alloys. The enhanced magnetic properties of these phase‐separated