Enhanced expression of cyclin D1 in senescent human fibroblasts.

  title={Enhanced expression of cyclin D1 in senescent human fibroblasts.},
  author={Jun-ichi Fukami and Kumiko Anno and Koji Ueda and Toru Takahashi and Toshinori Ide},
  journal={Mechanisms of ageing and development},
  volume={81 2-3},
When human fibroblast, TIG-1, was growth-stimulated with fetal bovine serum, the induction level of cell cycle-dependent genes was generally much lower in senescent cells than in young counterparts. Exceptionally, the expression level of cyclin D1 in senescent cells was constitutively higher than in young cells and further increased after serum stimulation, which was confirmed by Northern and Western blots and immunoprecipitation. This was also true in other human diploid fibroblast lines, TIG… CONTINUE READING

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