Enhanced epidemiological surveillance of influenza A(H1N1)v in Italy.

  title={Enhanced epidemiological surveillance of influenza A(H1N1)v in Italy.},
  author={Caterina Rizzo and Silvia Declich and Antonino Di Bella and Maria Grazia Caporali and Susanna Lana and Maria Grazia Pompa and Loredana Vellucci and Stefania Salmaso},
  journal={Euro surveillance : bulletin Europeen sur les maladies transmissibles = European communicable disease bulletin},
  volume={14 27}
As of 7 July 2009, a total of 158 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza A(H1N1)v were reported in Italy, from half of the 21 Italian regions. To date all cases have had symptoms consistent with seasonal influenza and no severe or fatal cases have been reported. An active surveillance of cases has been set up in Italy in order to undertake appropriate measures to slow down the spread of the new virus. This report describes the routine and enhanced surveillance currently ongoing in Italy. 

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