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Enhanced energy conversion performance of Philippine photovoltaic panels through tilt angle adjustments: A mechatronics approach

  title={Enhanced energy conversion performance of Philippine photovoltaic panels through tilt angle adjustments: A mechatronics approach},
  author={Fidel Diaz and J. Ngo and M. Pascual and {\'A}. Casas Planes and Alvin Y. Chua},
This study focuses on improving the energy conversion performance of photovoltaic panels in the Philippines with monthly and quarterly tilt angle adjustments. The study employs a mechatronic approach to verify the performance of PV systems. A mathematical model is used to estimate the daily extraterrestrial radiation received by a unit area in order to generate the optimal PV tilt angles in the Philippines. The simulation results proves that it is worth changing the tilt angle of a PV panel… 

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