Enhanced electron-density envelopes by extended solvent definition.


Extended delineation of water molecules, monitored using Rfree values, afforded considerable improvement in quality of electron-density maps for structure determination of mammalian class I and E. coli class II aldolases. Augmented solvent definition results in an additional decrease in Rfree values of 3-4% and is reflected in significantly enhanced electron-density envelopes enabling tracing of amino-acid sequences through regions of otherwise discontinuous or weak electron density.

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@article{Blom1998EnhancedEE, title={Enhanced electron-density envelopes by extended solvent definition.}, author={Nico M Blom and J Sygush}, journal={Acta crystallographica. Section D, Biological crystallography}, year={1998}, volume={54 Pt 3}, pages={461-6} }