Enhanced electric conductivity at ferroelectric vortex cores in BiFeO 3

  title={Enhanced electric conductivity at ferroelectric vortex cores in BiFeO 3},
  author={Nina Balke and Benjamin Winchester and Wei Ren and Ying Hao Chu and A N Morozovska and Eugene A. Eliseev and Mark Huijben and Rama K. Vasudevan and Petro Maksymovych and Jason Britson and Stephen Jesse and I. I. Kornev and R. Ram{\'e}sh and Laurent Bellaiche and Long Chen and Sergei V. Kalinin},
Topological defects in ferroic materials are attracting much attention both as a playground of unique physical phenomena and for potential applications in reconfigurable electronic devices. Here, we explore electronic transport at artificially created ferroelectric vortices in BiFeO3 thin films. The creation of one-dimensional conductive channels activated… CONTINUE READING

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