Enhanced diffusion due to active swimmers at a solid surface.

  title={Enhanced diffusion due to active swimmers at a solid surface.},
  author={Gast{\'o}n Mi{\~n}o and Thomas E Mallouk and Thierry Darnige and Mauricio Hoyos and J{\'e}r{\'e}mi Dauchet and Jocelyn Dunstan and Rodrigo Soto and Yang Wang and Annie Rousselet and Eric Cl{\'e}ment},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={106 4},
We consider two systems of active swimmers moving close to a solid surface, one being a living population of wild-type E. coli and the other being an assembly of self-propelled Au-Pt rods. In both situations, we have identified two different types of motion at the surface and evaluated the fraction of the population that displayed ballistic trajectories (active swimmers) with respect to those showing randomlike behavior. We studied the effect of this complex swimming activity on the diffusivity… CONTINUE READING