Enhanced circular photogalvanic effect in HgTe quantum wells in the heavily inverted regime

  title={Enhanced circular photogalvanic effect in HgTe quantum wells in the heavily inverted regime},
  author={Jun Li and Wen Yang and Jiang-Tao Liu and Wei Huang and Cheng Li and Songyan Chen},
  journal={Physical Review B},
HgTe-based quantum wells (QWs) possess very strong spin-orbit interaction (SOI) and have become an ideal platform for the study of fundamental SOI-dependent phenomena and the topological insulator phase. Circular photogalvanic effect (CPGE) in HgTe QWs is of great interest because it provides an effective optical access to probe the spin-related information of HgTe systems. However, the complex band structure and large spin splitting of HgTe QWs makes it inadequate to analyze the experimental… 
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