Enhanced belief propagation decoding of polar codes through concatenation

  title={Enhanced belief propagation decoding of polar codes through concatenation},
  author={Jing Guo and Minghai Qin and Albert Guill{\'e}n i F{\`a}bregas and Paul H. Siegel},
  journal={2014 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory},
The bit-channels of finite-length polar codes are not fully polarized, and a proportion of such bit-channels are neither completely “noiseless” nor completely “noisy”. By using an outer low-density parity-check code for these intermediate channels, we show how the performance of belief propagation (BP) decoding of the overall concatenated polar code can be improved. A simple example reports an improvement in Eb /N0 of 0.3 dB with respect to the conventional BP decoder. 
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