Enhanced ULF radiation observed by DEMETER two months around the strong 2010 Haiti earthquake

  title={Enhanced ULF radiation observed by DEMETER two months around the strong 2010 Haiti earthquake},
  author={M. A. Athanasiou and G. Anagnostopoulos and Aggelos C. Iliopoulos and Georgios P. Pavlos and K. David},
  journal={Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences},
Abstract. In this paper we study the energy of ULF electromagnetic waves that were recorded by the satellite DEMETER, during its passing over Haiti before and after a destructive earthquake. This earthquake occurred on 12 January 2010, at geographic Latitude 18.46° and Longitude 287.47°, with Magnitude 7.0 R. Specifically, we are focusing on the variations of energy of Ez-electric field component concerning a time period of 100 days before and 50 days after the strong earthquake. In order to… 

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