Enhanced Tracking Aerial Image by Applying Fusion & Image Registration Technique

  • N. M. Dhande
  • Published 2017


1,2 Computer Science & Engineering , RTMNU University , A.C.E, Wardha, Maharashtra, India , ----------------------------------------------------------------------***--------------------------------------------------------------------AbsractAn image registration method is introduced that is capable of registering images from different views of a 3-D scene in the presence of occlusion. The proposed method is capable of withstanding considerable occlusion and homogeneous areas in images. The only requirement of the method is for the ground to be locally flat and sufficient ground cover be visible in the frames being registered. With help of fusion technique we solve the problem of blur images. In previous project sometime object recognition is not possible they do not show appropriate area, path and location. So with the help of object recognition we show the appropriate location, path and area. Then it captured the motion images, static images, video and CCTV footage also. Because of occlusion sometime result not get correct or sometime problems are occurred but with the help of techniques solve the problem of occlusion. This method is applicable for the various investigation departments. For the purpose of tracking such as smuggling or any unwanted operations which are apply or performed by illegally. Various types of technique are applied for performing the tracking operation. That technique return the correct result according to object tracking. Camera is not supported this type of operation because they do not return the clear image result. So apply the drone and aircraft for capturing the long distance or multiview images.

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