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Enhanced Packet Delivery Techniques Using CryptoLogic on Jamming Attacks for Wireless Communication Medium

  title={Enhanced Packet Delivery Techniques Using CryptoLogic on Jamming Attacks for Wireless Communication Medium},
  author={Ambarisha Malladi and Minal Naik and Sayyed Nagul Meera},
In this paper, we address the problem of jamming under an internal threat model. We discuss about Swift jamming attacks in wireless networks, presenting a challenger model for selective jamming attacks, which may give to the high importance for packet Delivery Techniques in which specific messages of “high importance” are targeted. Further, we illustrate the impact of selective jamming on the network performance by illustrating various selective attacks against the TCP protocol. We show that… 



Packet-Hiding Methods for Preventing Selective Jamming Attacks

This work addresses the problem of selective jamming attacks in wireless networks by developing three schemes that prevent real-time packet classification by combining cryptographic primit ives with physical-layer attributes and demonstrating the security of these methods.

A survey of security issues in wireless sensor networks

This article outlines the constraints, security requirements, and attacks with their corresponding countermeasures in WSNs, and presents a holistic view of security issues, classified into five categories: cryptography, key management, secure routing, secure data aggregation, and intrusion detection.

The Sybil Attack

It is shown that, without a logically centralized authority, Sybil attacks are always possible except under extreme and unrealistic assumptions of resource parity and coordination among entities.


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