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Enhanced Meta-Displays Using Advanced Phase-Change Materials

  title={Enhanced Meta-Displays Using Advanced Phase-Change Materials},
  author={Omid Hemmatyar and Sajjad Abdollahramezani and Ioannis Zeimpekis and Sergey Lepeshov and Alexander E. Krasnok and Asir Intisar Khan and Kathryn M. Neilson and Christian Teichrib and Tyler Brown and Eric Pop and Daniel W. Hewak and Matthias Wuttig and Andrea Al{\'u} and Otto L. Muskens and Ali Adibi},
Structural colors generated due to light scattering from static all-dielectric metasurfaces have successfully enabled high-resolution, high-saturation, and wide-gamut color printing applications. Despite recent advances, most demonstrations of these structure-dependent colors lack post-fabrication tunability. This hinders their applicability for front-end dynamic display technologies. Phase-change materials (PCMs), with significant contrast of their optical properties between their amorphous and… 

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