Enhanced Light Emission from the Ridge of Two-Dimensional InSe Flakes.

  title={Enhanced Light Emission from the Ridge of Two-Dimensional InSe Flakes.},
  author={Yang Li and Tianmeng Wang and Han Wang and Zhipeng Li and YanWen Chen and Damien West and Raman Sankar and Rajesh Kumar Ulaganathan and Fangcheng Chou and Christian Wetzel and Cheng-Yan Xu and Shengbai Zhang and Su-Fei Shi},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={18 8},
InSe, a newly rediscovered two-dimensional (2D) semiconductor, possesses superior electrical and optical properties as a direct-band-gap semiconductor with high mobility from bulk to atomically thin layers and is drastically different from transition-metal dichalcogenides, in which the direct band gap only exists at the single-layer limit. However, absorption in InSe is mostly dominated by an out-of-plane dipole contribution, which results in the limited absorption of normally incident light… CONTINUE READING


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