Enhanced Jump-Stay Rendezvous Algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks

  title={Enhanced Jump-Stay Rendezvous Algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks},
  author={Zhiyong Lin and Hai Liu and Xiaowen Chu and Yiu-Wing Leung},
  journal={IEEE Communications Letters},
Rendezvous is a fundamental operation for cognitive users to establish communication links. In [5], we proposed a jump-stay (JS) rendezvous algorithm which was shown to have the overall best performance. In this work, we propose an enhanced jump-stay (EJS) algorithm. Compared with JS, EJS lowers the upper-bounds of both the maximum time-to-rendezvous (MTTR) and the expected time-to-rendezvous (E(TTR)) from O(P3) to O(P2) under the asymmetric model, while keeping the same order O(P) of upper… CONTINUE READING
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