Enhanced HARQ Employing LDPC Coded Constellation Rearrangement with 64QAM

  title={Enhanced HARQ Employing LDPC Coded Constellation Rearrangement with 64QAM},
  author={Min-li Jia and Jing-ming Kuang and Zun-wen He},
  journal={2006 International Conference on Communication Technology},
In this paper, a novel algorithm for searching optimal HARQ methods with constellation rearrangement is proposed. This novel method tries to average the combined reliability of demodulated bits after retransmissions. According to this idea, two constellation rearrangement schemes for 64QAM with restricted retransmission times are presented through the proposed search algorithm, which can well equalize the reliabilities of various bit positions after chase combining (CC) HARQ so as to improve… Expand
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