Enhanced Distributed Dynamic Skyline Query for Wireless Sensor Networks


Dynamic skyline query is one of the most popular and significant variants of skyline query in the field of multi-criteria decision-making. However, designing a distributed dynamic skyline query possesses greater challenge, especially for the distributed data centric storage within wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In this paper, a novel Enhanced Distributed Dynamic Skyline (EDDS) approach is proposed and implemented in Disk Based Data Centric Storage (DBDCS) architecture. DBDCS is an adaptation of magnetic disk storage platter consisting tracks and sectors. In DBDCS, the disc track and sector analogy is used to map data locations. A distance based indexing method is used for storing and querying multi-dimensional similar data. EDDS applies a threshold based hierarchical approach, which uses temporal correlation among sectors and sector segments to calculate a dynamic skyline. The efficiency and effectiveness of EDDS has been evaluated in terms of latency, energy consumption and accuracy through a simulation model developed in Castalia.

DOI: 10.3390/jsan5010002

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@article{Ahmed2016EnhancedDD, title={Enhanced Distributed Dynamic Skyline Query for Wireless Sensor Networks}, author={Khandakar Ahmed and Nazmus S. Nafi and Mark A. Gregory}, journal={J. Sensor and Actuator Networks}, year={2016}, volume={5}, pages={2} }