Enhanced CCK modulation in wireless LAN with contention free

  title={Enhanced CCK modulation in wireless LAN with contention free},
  author={Chao Zhang and Xiaokang Lin and Mitsutoshi Hatori},
  journal={2004 IEEE 59th Vehicular Technology Conference. VTC 2004-Spring (IEEE Cat. No.04CH37514)},
  pages={1756-1759 Vol.3}
It is well known that contention is unavoidable in WLAN based on IEEE 802.11 when two users send data simultaneously. Because of this, the transmission rate of each user is decreased tremendously. We present a novel enhanced CCK (complementary code keying) modulation scheme based on Ear ZCZ (zero correlation zone) sequences; this scheme gives contention free operation when the system works in approximately synchronization mode. Then the transmission rate of each user can be maintained with… CONTINUE READING


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