English as the lingua franca of Europe: A Dutch perspective

  title={English as the lingua franca of Europe: A Dutch perspective},
  author={Geert Booij},
  journal={Lingua E Stile},
  • G. Booij
  • Published 2001
  • Philosophy
  • Lingua E Stile
L'anglais est la plus importante seconde langue des Pays-Bas. Et bien que les neerlandais se soient beaucoup attaches a apprendre cette langue, elle n'a jamais constitue une menace pour le neerlandais. L'attitude par rapport a l'anglais est, aux Pays-Bas, tres differente de l'attitude officielle que l'on peut rencontrer dans un pays comme la France. Pour les locuteurs natifs neerlandais qui parlent anglais, l'anglais reste une seconde langue, ce qui cree une asymetrie entre locuteurs natifs et… 

Varieties of English in the Netherlands and Germany

As English becomes ever more entrenched as an additional language in mainland Europe, research suggests it is no longer used purely instrumentally, for the purposes of international communication,

English in Germany and the European Context

The topic of the present volume is the role of the English language in the German-speaking world. While the preceding chapter has dealt with the presence of English in contemporary German life as

“THE INFLUENCE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IN A MULTILINGUAL AND A MONOLINGUAL ENVIRONMET – A COMPARATIVE APPROACH” Mariche Cholakova English Language Teacher at the Secondary School“Orde Copela” Office Adress: Samoilova 39, Prilep, Macedonia Home Adress: Oktomvriska 13, Prilep, Macedoni

  • Education
  • 2015
The study focuses on the influence of English language in Macedonia, which is a multilingual, multicultural, and multiethnic country, situated in Southeast Europe. More precisely, the study


  • A. Omar
  • Linguistics
    Cadernos de Linguagem e Sociedade
  • 2018
With the development of globalization and the emergence of global English, numerous studies have been concerned with the ways Arabic is influenced by English, the adoption of many English loanwords

Beyond English as a Second or Foreign Language: Local Uses and the Cultural Politics of Identification

We explore how English is implicated in local language practices in the Netherlands, where English has limited official status, and in Japan, where it has no significant role in transactional

Outer and expanding circle Englishes: The competing roles of norm orientation and proficiency levels

The classification of English as a native (ENL), second (ESL) and foreign (EFL) language is traditionally mapped onto Kachru’s (1985) Inner, Outer and Expanding circles, respectively. This paper

English in the Netherlands: Functions, forms and attitudes

This volume provides the first comprehensive investigation of the Netherlands in the World Englishes paradigm. It explores the history of English contact, the present spread of English and attitudes

English in the German-Speaking World: The Nature and Scale of Language Influence

  • R. Hickey
  • Linguistics
    English in the German-Speaking World
  • 2019
English is a presence which cannot be denied in so many countries of today’s world (Schneider 2017, 2020) and hence it is not a matter of whether it has an influence on non-English speaking countries

The progressive aspect in the Netherlands and the ESL/EFL continuum

This paper responds to calls to (i) approach varieties of English as a native (ENL), second (ESL) and foreign (EFL) language in an integrated fashion, and (ii) widen the scope of world Englishes



Languages in Science Communication

The article shows the rise of English and the decline of German and French as inter-national languages of science in the 20th century on the basis of statistical data as well as suggesting explanations for it.

International Communication and the Concept of Nuclear English

International communication—an indisputable desideratum—does not presuppose, let alone prescribe, a single international language. But it has long been held as virtually axiomatic that this would

A Sociolinguistic Profile of English in the Netherlands

  • (ms., University of. Nijmegen). Burrough-Boenisch,
  • 2000

Multilingualism in the Netherlands

The English Languages

Introduction Acknowledgements 1. Organized Babel 2. A universal resource 3. Cracks in the academic monolith 4. Models of English 5. Standardness 6. Scots and Southron 7. Substrates and superstrates