Engineering of vault nanocapsules with enzymatic and fluorescent properties.

  title={Engineering of vault nanocapsules with enzymatic and fluorescent properties.},
  author={Valerie A. Kickhoefer and Yvette Garcia and Yeshi Mikyas and Erik C. Johansson and Jing C. Zhou and Sujna Raval-Fernandes and Payam Minoofar and Jeffrey I Zink and Bruce Dunn and Phoebe L. Stewart and Leonard H Rome},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={102 12},
One of the central issues facing the emerging field of nanotechnology is cellular compatibility. Nanoparticles have been proposed for diagnostic and therapeutic applications, including drug delivery, gene therapy, biological sensors, and controlled catalysis. Viruses, liposomes, peptides, and synthetic and natural polymers have been engineered for these applications, yet significant limitations continue to prevent their use. Avoidance of the body's natural immune system, lack of targeting… CONTINUE READING


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