Engineering of recombinant soluble CD46: an inhibitor of complement activation.

  title={Engineering of recombinant soluble CD46: an inhibitor of complement activation.},
  author={Dale Christiansen and Julie Milland and Bruce R. Thorley and Ian F.C. Mckenzie and Patricia L. Mottram and Laurence J. Purcell and Bruce Edward Loveland},
  volume={87 3},
Human CD46 (membrane cofactor protein) is a type 1 glycoprotein that functions to protect autologous cells from complement-mediated damage by binding C3b and C4b for their factor I-mediated cleavage. We now describe the production and function of recombinant soluble CD46 (rsCD46), which was produced as a truncated form by mutagenesis using the splice overlap extension polymerase chain reaction, by inserting a translational stop codon into the CD46 cDNA at the junction of the transmembrane and… CONTINUE READING
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