Engineering of cysteine and methionine biosynthesis in potato

  title={Engineering of cysteine and methionine biosynthesis in potato},
  author={V. Yu. Nikiforova and Stefan Kempa and Michaela Zeh and Stefanie Maimann and Oliver Kreft and Anna Paola Casazza and K. Riedel and Eva Tauberger and Rainer Hoefgen and Holger Hesse},
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Methionine and cysteine, two amino acids containing reduced sulfur, are not only an important substrate of protein biosynthesis but are also precursors of various other metabolites such as glutathione, phytochelatines, S-adenosylmethionine, ethylene, polyamines, biotin, and are involved as methyl group donor in numerous cellular processes. While methionine is an essential amino acid due to an inability of monogastric animals and human beings to synthesise this metabolite, animals are still able… CONTINUE READING