Engineering microporosity in bacterial cellulose scaffolds.

  title={Engineering microporosity in bacterial cellulose scaffolds.},
  author={Henrik B{\"a}ckdahl and Maricris Esguerra and Dick Delbro and B I Risberg and Paul Gatenholm},
  journal={Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine},
  volume={2 6},
The scaffold is an essential component in tissue engineering. A novel method to prepare three-dimensional (3D) nanofibril network scaffolds with controlled microporosity has been developed. By placing paraffin wax and starch particles of various sizes in a growing culture of Acetobacter xylinum, bacterial cellulose scaffolds of different morphologies and interconnectivity were prepared. Paraffin particles were incorporated throughout the scaffold, while starch particles were found only in the… CONTINUE READING


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