Engineering functionally graded tissue engineering scaffolds.

  title={Engineering functionally graded tissue engineering scaffolds.},
  author={Kah Fai Leong and Chee Kai Chua and Novella Sudarmadji and Wai Yee Yeong},
  journal={Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials},
  volume={1 2},
Tissue Engineering (TE) aims to create biological substitutes to repair or replace failing organs or tissues due to trauma or ageing. One of the more promising approaches in TE is to grow cells on biodegradable scaffolds, which act as temporary supports for the cells to attach, proliferate and differentiate; after which the scaffold will degrade, leaving behind a healthy regenerated tissue. Tissues in nature, including human tissues, exhibit gradients across a spatial volume, in which each… CONTINUE READING

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