Engineering an SQL gateway to IMS

  title={Engineering an SQL gateway to IMS},
  author={G. Paulley},
  • G. Paulley
  • Published in CASCON 1993
  • Computer Science
Multidatabase systems enable organizations to integrate legacy database systems, and their applications, with newer database technology. One such legacy system is IBM'S Information Management System (IMs), a hierarchical database management system developed in the 1960s. Commercial IMS gateways typically suffer from poor performance and lack essential features needed to support updates. In this paper, we outline the engineering issues of constructing a multi-user IMS gateway that supports both… Expand
A process model for re-engineering, migration and multi-use of business data
  • D. Aebi
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings. First Euromicro Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering
  • 1997
The reengineering of data intensive applications often encompasses an appropriate evolution of the data, too, and there can be considerable economical advantages if, instead of reentry data into a new system, it is possible to use data from other systems which are already operational. Expand
Methods and Tools for Data Value Re-Engineering
This paper characterizes some of the repeatedly encountered problems and proposes a general data re-engineering model and the architecture of an experimental toolkit which facilitates the application of this model for a broad range of situations is presented. Expand
Änderungspropagation für autonome und heterogene Informationssysteme
Die Unternehmenseinheiten wurden im Sonderforschungsbereich 467 "Wandlungsfahige UnterNEhmensstrukturen fur die variantenreiche Serienproduktion", in dessen Rahmen auch diese Arbeit entstand, Leistungseinheiten genannt. Expand


Database integration in a distributed heterogeneous database system
This paper starts with the definition of the extended relational data model that is used by ADDS for database integration, and presents a query conversion algorithm to convert a user data request into a set of queries against supported physical databases. Expand
Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques
Using transactions as a unifying conceptual framework, the authors show how to build high-performance distributed systems and high-availability applications with finite budgets and risk. Expand
DATAPLEX: an access to heterogeneous distributed databases
The heterogeneous distributed database system (DDS) can provide a flexible intergration of diverse databases for users and applications because it allows for retrieval and update under different data systems giving the illusion of accessing a single centralized database system. Expand
A formal model of trade-off between optimization and execution costs in semantic query optimization
This paper discusses the trade-off between the two costs in the context of semantic query optimization with regard to a set of integrity constraints, and reports a heuristic search algorithm which minimizes a weighted sum of both the costs. Expand