Engineering Clostridium Strain to Accept Unmethylated DNA

  title={Engineering Clostridium Strain to Accept Unmethylated DNA},
  author={Hongjun Dong and Yanping Zhang and Zongjie Dai and Yin Li},
  booktitle={PloS one},
It is difficult to genetically manipulate the medically and biotechnologically important genus Clostridium due to the existence of the restriction and modification (RM) systems. We identified and engineered the RM system of a model clostridial species, C. acetobutylicum, with the aim to allow the host to accept the unmethylated DNA efficiently. A gene CAC1502 putatively encoding the type II restriction endonuclease Cac824I was identified from the genome of C. acetobutylicum DSM1731, and… CONTINUE READING


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