Engineered nanocrystal technology: in-vivo fate, targeting and applications in drug delivery.


Formulation of nanocrystals is a robust approach which can improve delivery of poorly water soluble drugs, a challenge pharmaceutical industry has been facing since long. Large scale production of nanocrystals is done by techniques like precipitation, media milling and, high pressure homogenization. Application of appropriate stabilizers along with drying accords long term stability and commercial viability to nanocrystals. These can be administered through oral, parenteral, pulmonary, dermal and ocular routes showing their high therapeutic applicability. They serve to target drug molecules in specific regions through size manipulation and surface modification. This review dwells upon the in-vivo fate and varying applications in addition to the facets of drug nanocrystals stated above.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jconrel.2014.03.030
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