Engineered anisotropic microstructures for ultrathin-layer chromatography.

  title={Engineered anisotropic microstructures for ultrathin-layer chromatography.},
  author={Steven R Jim and Michael T. Taschuk and Gertrud E Morlock and Louis W Bezuidenhout and Wolfgang Schwack and Michael J. Brett},
  journal={Analytical chemistry},
  volume={82 12},
The strong dependence of separation behavior on ultrathin-layer chromatography (UTLC) stationary phase microstructure motivates continued UTLC plate design optimization efforts. We fabricated 4.6-5.3 mum thick normal phase silica UTLC stationary phases with several types of in-plane macropore anisotropies using the glancing angle deposition (GLAD) approach to engineering nanostructured thin films. The separation behaviors of two new media, isotropic vertical posts and anisotropic bladelike… CONTINUE READING