Engaging the lysosomal compartment to combat B cell malignancies.

  title={Engaging the lysosomal compartment to combat B cell malignancies.},
  author={Kirsten Gr\onbaek and Marja J{\"a}{\"a}ttel{\"a}},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={119 8},
The combination of rituximab, a type I anti-CD20 mAb, with conventional chemotherapy has significantly improved the outcome of patients with B cell malignancies. Regardless of this success, many patients still relapse with therapy-resistant disease, highlighting the need for the development of mAbs with higher capacity to induce programmed cell death. The so-called type II anti-CD20 mAbs (e.g., tositumomab) that trigger caspase-independent B cell lymphoma cell death in vitro and show superior… CONTINUE READING