• Medicine
  • Published 2018

Enfermedad relacionada con IgG4 a propósito de dos casos

  title={Enfermedad relacionada con IgG4 a prop{\'o}sito de dos casos},
  author={Ariel Jord{\'a}n Alonso and Roberto E. Ruiz Reyes and Oriol Alfonso Moya and Osvaldo Alejo Concepci{\'o}n and Aldo Tirador Columbi{\'e} and Datiel Cruz M{\'e}ndez},
The disease related to IgG4 (ER-IgG4 in Spanish) is a multi-systemic, autoimmune disease characterized by inflammatory fibro-sclerotizing lesions forming masses or pseudo tumors, high concentrations of serum IgG4 and extensive tissue infiltrations by IgG4-positive plasma cells. It includes several entities previously considered organ-specific ones. It can affect almost any organ, being pancreas, salivary glands, lacrimal glands, lymphatic ganglion, retroperineum and kidneys the most affected… CONTINUE READING

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