Enfermagem transoperatória nas cirurgias de redução de peso: revisão integrativa da literatura

  title={Enfermagem transoperat{\'o}ria nas cirurgias de reduç{\~a}o de peso: revis{\~a}o integrativa da literatura},
  author={Renata Tavares Franco Rodrigues and R{\'u}bia Aparecida Lacerda and Rita Burgos Leite and Kazuko Uchikawa Graziano and Katia Grillo Padilha},
Integrative review of scientific literature study to identify and analyze the production of knowledge about clinical advances in security needs of patients during the intraoperative period of bariatric surgery. It was based on 12 selected studies in electronic databases, with descriptors previously defined. Except for two studies, the specific content of this production was composed of the general context of perioperative care. The studies highlight the possible state of the art of nursing… CONTINUE READING