Energy splitting of the ground-state doublet in the nucleus 229Th.

  title={Energy splitting of the ground-state doublet in the nucleus 229Th.},
  author={B. Beck and J. Becker and P. Beiersdorfer and G. Brown and K. Moody and J. Wilhelmy and F. Porter and C. Kilbourne and R. Kelley},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={98 14},
The energy splitting of the 229Th ground-state doublet is measured to be 7.6+/-0.5 eV, significantly greater than earlier measurements. Gamma rays produced following the alpha decay of 233U (105 muCi) were counted in the NASA/electron beam ion trap x-ray microcalorimeter spectrometer with an experimental energy resolution of 26 eV (FWHM). A difference technique was applied to the gamma-ray decay of the 71.82 keV level that populates both members of the doublet. A positive correction amounting… Expand
Prospects for measuring the 229Th isomer energy using a metallic magnetic microcalorimeter☆
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  • 2014
Energy of the ^{229}Th Nuclear Clock Isomer Determined by Absolute γ-ray Energy Difference.
X-ray pumping of the 229Th nuclear clock isomer