Energy resource management in smart grid


Smart grids are characterized by a dynamic nature in which distributed energy resources (DER’s) changes internal states and availability over time. Distributed Energy Resources (DER’s) and the distributed control system will thus be required to automatically configure itself to this dynamic behavior. This paper addresses communication and control challenges to achieve a plug’n’play type of DER management. A use case with Electric Vehicles is considered because of its high dynamic behavior in smart grid. In particular, the problem of making correct decisions on which controller out of many, an EV shall be operated by will be addressed. This is not an isolated control problem, but for reliable decisions also requires to take into account characteristics of the involved networks in combination with the dynamics of the decision information at the controllers. In the paper we propose a decentralized (de)register/reconfiguration protocol and evaluate its ability to lead to reliable decisions of EV assignments to controllers in a hierarchical multi control system.

DOI: 10.1109/CompEng.2012.6242960

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