Energy non-linearity effects in the response of ionic crystal scintillators to X-rays with energy in the region of the K-absorptions edges : experimental results

  • L. F. Requicha Ferreiraa, H. M. N. B. L. Ferreiraa, J. F. C. A. Velosoa, J. M. F. Dos Santosa
  • Published 2003


The response of a YAP, NaI(Tl) and BaF2 scintillators to X-rays with energies around the Y, I, and Ba K-absorption edges, respectively, was investigated. For all the scintillators, the amplitude response follows different linear trends for X-ray energies below and above the respective K-edges, presenting a discontinuity at these energies. An abrupt decrease… (More)

4 Figures and Tables


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